11th January 2021

On 24th November 2020, BSAC hosted a meeting of the APPG on Antibiotics to discuss antibiotic residues in sewage and agricultural run-off, which included talks from Julian Sturdy MP, Dr Nicolas Brown, Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, and Dr Aimee Murray, Prof William Gaze, and Dr Isobel Stanton from the University of Exeter.

From streams and lakes, to rivers and oceans, it’s clear antibiotics are making their way into our waters in ever greater concentrations, where they may exert a selective pressure on the development of resistant bacteria that’s present in our environment. This forms a vicious circle that’s increasing resistance rates and risking a rise in deadly superbugs.

The APPG thinks the findings in this report should be acknowledged and addressed in the Environment Bill 2019-21, which is scheduled to return to the House of Lords this month.

As such, this report contains a number of recommendations that will serve as the basis for draft amendments that the Peers in the APPG will endeavour to table over the coming weeks.

Read the full report of the meeting here.

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