28th September 2021

The UK COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Cell is seeking views to update the COVID-19 specific IPC guidance. 

The UK COVID-19 IPC Cell is seeking views to update its COVID-19 specific guidance: IPC guidance for respiratory infections including COVID.

This guidance has been updated to prevent transmission of seasonal respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19, in health and care settings while continuing to support the recovery of services.

Please email responses to: fdrummond@bsac.org.uk by 5 October 2021 using this form: IPC-Feedback-Form

Key updates to the revised guidance are:

  • Removal of the three distinct COVID-19 care pathways (high, medium and low) to one respiratory pathway applying transmission-based precautions.
  • An algorithm to support patient placement (appendix 2) decisions within the respiratory pathway.
  • Inclusion of a section on the criteria to be applied within the ‘hierarchy of controls’ to further support organisations/services with maximum workplace risk mitigation.
  • Universal use of face masks (face coverings) to remain as an IPC measure within healthcare clinical settings across the winter period.
  • Physical distancing should be at least 1 metre in clinical areas, increasing whenever feasible to 2m for the respiratory pathways and admission units.
  • Triaging and testing to continue over the winter period to include SARs-CoV-2 and other respiratory pathogens depending on the setting/ data e.g. RSV.
  • Review of the AGP list to identify procedures that can be removed from the list.

Please note:

  • the respective UK countries have compendiums of guidance which may differ across the nations, these are linked in the introduction section.
  • this document has not been formatted; this will be undertaken prior to publication.
  • dental and ambulance colleagues are invited to share feedback, however, separate guidance for dental and ambulance services will be developed.


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