First standardised susceptibility testing method | Established in 1981 | World leader | Working with UK laboratories | Supporting further development of EUCAST | Improving quality of susceptibility testing

BSAC Susceptibility Testing Standing Committee was established in 1981; it developed one of the first standardised susceptibility testing disc diffusion methods in 2001.

In recent years, the committee has played an essential role in EUCAST, moving to harmonise breakpoints and standardise susceptibility testing throughout Europe & now the World.

The committee now aims to:

  • Support UK laboratories through the transition from BSAC to EUCAST disc diffusion methods
  • Support further development of EUCAST susceptibility testing methods
  • Improve quality of susceptibility testing through educational User Group Days & Residential Workshops

Clarification on EUCAST susceptibility testing guidance

Further information on disc diffusion method

Susceptibility Testing News

Message to users of BSAC disc diffusion method

EUCAST disk diffusion method

Further information on EUCAST disc diffusion method

Implementation of EUCAST disc diffusion method

Practical and educational help to laboratories implementing the EUCAST disc diffusion method

Additional UK Specific Susceptibility Testing Guidance

Further information on Susceptibility Testing Guidance

Giotto Template Program

Further information on Standardised Disc Sensitivity Method


  • Dr Robin Howe (Chair), Consultant Microbiologist, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr Mandy Wootton (Secretary), Lead Scientist, SACU, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
  • Professor Alasdair MacGowan, Consultant Microbiologist, Southmead Hospital, Bristol
  • Professor David Livermore, Professor of Medical Microbiology, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  • Dr Nicholas Brown, Consultant Microbiologist, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
  • Dr Trevor Winstanley, Clinical Scientist, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield
  • Professor William Hope, Professor, University of Liverpool
  • Mr Christopher Teale, Animal & Plant Health Agency, Shrewsbury
  • Professor Gunnar Kahlmeter, EUCAST Steering Committee member, Vӓxjӧ, Sweden
  • Dr Gerry Glynn, Medical Microbiologist, Altnagelvin Hospital, N. Ireland
  • Dr Matthew Ellington, Public Health England, London
  • Ms Phillipa Burns, Trainee Consultant Clinical Scientist at Hull University Teaching Hospitals
  • Dr Mairi MacLeod, Scottish Microbiology and Virology Network
  • Miss Collette Allen, Salisbury District Hospital
The following documents are provided for use or information as required


Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing – Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the EUCAST website has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about EUCAST methodology:

A list of AST questions arising from laboratories in the UK can be found here: FAQs

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