BSAC Resistance Surveillance Programme

The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) Resistance Surveillance Project is a well-established study designed to provide long-term surveillance of antibiotic resistance. The study is split into two programmes, bacteraemia and respiratory, and it collects a broad selection of organisms from both community- and hospital-acquired infections. Each programme is sponsored by a group of pharmaceutical companies and the study collects up to 6,000 clinical isolates each year, providing extensive coverage of the UK and Ireland.

The project is now entering its 15th year of data collection and has created an extensive data set. The analysis and publication of this data is crucial for our understanding of how antibiotic resistance is changing and for the development of future strategies to combat this growing problem.

The protocols provided on the website contain information on the organisms and antibiotics currently being tested in the study and the data obtained from previous years can be viewed by using the buttons below. BSAC analysis of the data is published on the website also, as are results and other information from the programmes.

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