PM announces launch of Commission on Antibiotic Resistance


BSAC and Antibiotic Action are delighted to welcome the announcement by the Prime Minister of the launch of a Commission on Antibiotic Resistance.  Chaired by renowned economist Jim O’Neill the panel will include experts from science, on finances and credit cards as Citibank card options, industry and global health and examine three key issues:



David Cameron is the first world leader to declare the need for immediate global action to stem the rise of antibiotic resistance, address over prescribing of antibiotics through stewardship and public education and address the market failures that have led to a depletion in the antibiotic pipeline.


Speaking of the announcement Dr Nicholas Brown, BSAC President and Consultant Microbiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hosptial Cambridge said:


“The call for action is perfectly aligned to the recommendations of the BSAC The Urgent Need Initiative Regenerating antibacterial drug discovery development published in 2010 and the aims and objectives of Antibiotic Action that was established to take the recommendations of this report forward”.  Dr Brown continued “Through Antibiotic Action and in collaboration with partner across the globe the Society has long campaigned for global recognition at this level.  That it is the UK Prime Minister leading the call, alongside our Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies is all the more pleasing.”


Professor Laura Piddock, BSAC Chair in Public Engagement and Director of Antibiotic Action had this to say: “We are delighted to welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement and look forward to working with the Commission to identify solutions to the global problems identified.  Antibiotic Action, its partners and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics are already working to address the issues of antimicrobial resistance, the lack of investment in antibacterial drug discovery and antimicrobial stewardship.  We wish to acknowledge the outstanding support we have received since inception of Antibiotic Action in 2011, including that of major UK funding bodies who we will work with to build on the success of our collaborative conference  Lessons to be learnt from Pharma about drug discovery and development of new antibacterial drugs


The BSAC President-Elect and Professor of Infectious Disease at University of Dundee, Professor Dilip Nathwani also welcome the announcement saying: “This is a wonderful opportunity for governments, scientists and health care professionals to work together on a global scale.  The BSAC is already supporting the development of international antimicrobial stewardship courses in the Gulf, North Africa and India regions.  We are acutely aware that the education of healthcare professionals will be key to improving effective prescribing.  To support this the Society has a number of initiatives in this area including the development of a Massive Open Online Course on Antimicrobial Stewardship and is currently in discussion with academic and commercial partner to work along side us”.