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COVID-19: could fragile supply chains risk access to life-saving drugs?

7th May 2020

Hospital pharmacy teams battling to meet the needs of some patients - with antimicrobial agents on the list of drugs in short supply...

When panic goes viral: communicating responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic

5th May 2020

With the public’s seemingly bottomless appetite for any story relating to the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19, there’s a risk that some use of evidence (however well-intentioned) could do more harm than good...

2020 Annual General Meeting

4th May 2020

The BSAC Annual General Meeting will be held at 1300hrs on Thursday 28th May

COVID-19 rapid guideline: antibiotics for pneumonia in adults in hospital

1st May 2020

NICE has published rapid guidance to Antibiotics for pneumonia in adults in hospital

COVID-19 and Superbugs: There’s something in the water…

28th April 2020

The quantity of antibiotics used during the COVID-19 pandemic will likely far exceed that of any previous pandemic, with implications for antibiotic resistance genes in our rivers and beyond...

COVID-19: The awkward truth about the food on our table

21st April 2020

Calling for the complete closure of so-called “wet markets” is easy... but not necessarily the best way forward. Not least as it risks distracting from the enormous microbial threat in all of our backyards – from factory farming...

Superbugs: the dangerous misconception at the heart of our efforts to address antibiotic resistance

20th April 2020

Various interventions and analyses that aim to address antibiotic use begin from the premise of ‘individual behaviour’. What gets missed in these approaches is how underlying issues that promote widespread use of antibiotics are often political and structural: inequality and marginalisation...

Pandemic preparedness: Investment is vital – but we must help those who don’t have the same access to credit

9th April 2020

There are huge trade-offs to be made in stopping Covid-19... Especially when so many of the interventions are greatly harming the economy.

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