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Antibiotics are failing – could phage therapy hold the key to stopping antibiotic resistant superbugs?

8th September 2020

Traditional antibiotics are failing. Pharmaceutical companies are no longer bringing new ones to market, and many have stopped research into antibiotics all together. The WHO have condemned current efforts to develop new antibiotics as “insufficient to tackle the challenge of increasing emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance”. Is it time to abandon this search and fund alternative therapies instead?

Not all heroes wear capes: Educating young people about antibiotic resistance can play a vital role in saving the world from superbugs

1st September 2020

Superbugs are a big issue everywhere, but perhaps nowhere more so than in India, where an estimated 58,000 babies die every year from drug-resistant infections passed on from their mothers. Superheroes Against Superbugs (SaS) explain how they are striving to build a community dedicated to tackle the growing threat of antibiotic resistant-infections in India, and beyond...

Abstract, confusing and difficult to pronounce: why we need to rename antimicrobial resistance

25th August 2020

As MP Julian Sturdy recently noted in his cross-party letter to the UK Prime Minister, antimicrobial resistance is not only a problem that is potentially exacerbated by COVID-19 – it has the potential to be an even bigger threat than coronavirus. Yet this public health emergency remains stubbornly under the radar compared to other diseases. Could something as simple as renaming it resolve the issue?

Drowning in jargon: COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance and our failure to ‘finish the job’ of science

18th August 2020

Sir Mark Wolpert once said, “Science is not finished until it’s communicated.” Indeed, whether it’s COVID-19 or antimicrobial resistance, effectively communicating with the public plays a vital role in keeping the general population safe. Yet too many important messages are rendered incomprehensible by technical terminology. Katie Comery, Senior Creative Consultant at The Writer, looks at ways we can strip out the jargon and still keep complex scientific concepts intact...

BSAC meets UNICEF: it’s time to protect our children against the biggest threat to their lives – superbugs

11th August 2020

In its recent report on antimicrobial resistance, Time is Running Out, UNICEF describes superbugs as “perhaps the greatest threat to child survival and health of this generation”. We caught up with Alexandre Costa from UNICEF to talk about the reasons why drug-resistant infections pose such a grave threat to the young, as well as exploring the ways UNICEF might work alongside civil society organisations to meet the global challenge of superbugs....

The forgotten superbug: Is it time to bring fungal infections out of the dark?

4th August 2020

They kill more than a million and cause misery to billions every year. Yet despite this, fungal infections are all often treated as the poor relation of other, more ‘glamorous’ microorganisms...

Fake medicines are costing lives – and COVID-19 is making a bad situation worse

28th July 2020

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 medical products in developing nations are substandard or falsified – a problem that the COVID-19 pandemic has exaggerated. That’s where Fight the Fakes comes in, a global campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of falsified and substandard medicines...

BSAC meets Professor Laura Piddock: Former BSAC President makes compelling case for membership

21st July 2020

Laura Piddock is Professor of Microbiology at the University of Birmingham, UK, Director of Scientific Affairs at Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP) and former BSAC President. We took the opportunity to talk to her, amongst other things, about why she feels membership of a learned society is so important, especially for early career professionals...

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