OPAT – offering comprehensive resources to support service development

The UK OPAT Initiative has developed a comprehensive toolkit that supports, guides and encourages the establishment of standardised OPAT services throughout the UK wherever the clinical need may exist.

To date healthcare professionals and Trust have and can benefit from the following:

Good practice recommendations for outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) in adults in the UK: a consensus statement
Ann L. N. Chapman; R. Andrew Seaton; Mike A. Cooper; Sara Hedderwick; Vicky Goodall; Corienne Reed; Frances Sanderson; Dilip Nathwani; on behalf of the BSAC/BIA OPAT Project Good Practice Recommendations Working Group
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2012; doi: 10.1093/jac/dks003

Online business case toolkit
The business case toolkit provides healthcare professionals with this diet assistance in the development of a business cases for OPAT services.

Available as a PDF download or as an interactive online application, toolkit helps users determine how a centre can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of varying OPAT service models, offering background evidence to support each model, and allows users to present their risk assessed choices in a bespoke business plan that can be presented to Trust commissioners and management.  Both versions include an example cost model that can be employed and adapted to show the potential cost benefits of an OPAT service.

The business case toolkit can be used to support the introduction of a new OPAT service or to develop and extend existing OPAT services.

Patient Management System
The Patient Management System is a comprehensive database tool that is freely available for centres across the UK to use.  There are four basic sections that allow you to enter patient details and then be able to report on those that have been discharged into the database. The database allows users to:

  • Admit patients via the preadmission section
  • Edit patients via the virtual ward, examining the drop down menu choices
  • Discharge patients to the database
  • Search the database for archived patients
  • Examine the questionnaire
  • View and export reports via the reporting function
  • Make the database bespoke to ocal needs through the admin section

For further information or to discuss installation of the Patient Management System in your Trust please contact Terri Martin on 01733 233000 or email terri.martin@pharma-mix.com

National Outcomes Registry
The National Outcomes Registry will provide the most comprehensive picture of OPAT service provision in the UK.  Using core reports submitted every quarter from all users of the Patient Management System, the registry will offer overviews of the number of OPAT centres in the UK and Ireland, models of service, number of patients admitted to OPAT centres, treatments days saved and other vital audit data such as proportion of successful outcomes.

Whilst data will be derived primarily from anonymised key reports provided by all OPAT Patient Management System users, any centre with an OPAT service can provide data for inclusion in the Registry.

2012 OPAT Workshop Series
The 2012 Workshop series has been organised to offer national overview of OPAT, enable delegates to share local experiences and road test OPAT tools such at the Patient Management System.  BSAC is offering a number of supported registrations for each event, each place having a value of  £120.00.

The Initiative is now moving into a second phase, with the establishment of a working group on paediatric OPAT (POPAT), consultation with colleagues internationally who are interested in adopting the patient management system for use in their home country and requests for another 2-day conference to share wisdom, experience and provide networking opportunities.


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