National Outcomes Registry System (NORS)

The BSAC  National Outcomes Registry System (NORS) aims to provide the most comprehensive picture of OPAT service provision in the UK.

NORS correlates reports and anonymised data from all submitting OPAT services across the UK.


NORS offers an overview of:

  • the number of OPAT centres across the UK
  • the number of patients admitted to OPAT centres
  • the number of treatments days saved
  • other vital audit data i.e. the most commonly used agents and proportion of successful outcomes


We invite all OPAT centres to submit data to NORS on a quarterly basis as follows:

  • Q1 – January, February & March
  • Q2 – April, May & June
  • Q3 – July, August & September
  • Q4 – October, November & December


For further information on NORS please contact

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