Why would I join BSAC?
The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) is a learned society with almost 50 years leadership in antibiotic research and education.  BSAC is dedicated to saving lives by fighting infection through the effective use of antimicrobial agents. It does this by supporting a global network of experts and providing open access education and research resources to health care professionals and scientists across the world.  The Society is a global educator and influencer, providing open access materials to support the effective use of antimicrobial therapies and networking forums to support international collaboration.
BSAC wants to engage members in conversations, actions and participation in Society events – we hope this new structure will increase our membership across all sectors and help us together to increase effective antimicrobial use globally.

Who joins?
The society has members in 40 nations and active learners in more than 135 countries including medical microbiologists, infectious disease consultants, scientists, pharmacists, infection control specialists, researchers, those working in the pharmaceutical industry, and other health professionals working in veterinary practice, agriculture and the broader One Health agenda

How do I join?
By signing up at BSAC’s MySociety, our membership portal that allows you to sign up, manage your details and preferences, book courses and conferences and much more.

What do I get?
Members receive:

• Free membership to encourage all to become part of a dynamic global community working towards a common goal – increasing the effective use of antimicrobials
• Access to the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy at significantly reduced rate (£25 online only or £50 online and printed issues)
• Eligibility to apply for grants and other funded opportunities
• Opportunities to help us inform and influence policymakers, politicians and journalists
• A chance to work alongside colleagues across all health economies globally, in particular supporting stewardship development in LMICs
• Reduced registration and some complimentary registration to BSAC conferences and events for those working within the not for profit health sector
• Opportunities to be appointed to working parties, committees, council, journals and other positions within the society
• Superb networking opportunities through global discipline and topic specific forums
• Access to member-only education resources and e-learning materials

Membership options

Member Free of charge
Online (access to JAC) £25.00
Print (online access to and print copies of JAC) £50.00

If you have any questions or wish to discuss membership further, please telephone 0121 236 1988.



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All BSAC members are automatically members of the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC).  To find out more about the ISC and explore member benefits, please visit