BSAC Partners on IMI DRIVE-AB Initiative

BSAC is pleased to be a partner in DRIVE-AB (Driving reinvestment in research and development and responsible antibiotic use) project.  BSAC is participating as one of 16 public and 7 private partners from 12 countries in the project that is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI): IMI is a joint undertaking between the European Union and the European Pharmaceutical Industry Association (EFPIA).

The project is now entering its second of three years and is working hard to provide answers to the following areas that are critical to the future success of healthcare globally:

  1. Reducing antimicrobial resistance through responsible antibiotic use
  2. Identifying how, through new economic models, to incentivise the discovery and development of new novel antibiotics for use now and in the future

The Society is working with partner Chatham House to deliver the communications strategy for the project and is contributing to the work stream that is developing an evidence-based, consensus definition for “responsible antibiotic use,” which will include its standardised quality and quantity indicators.

DRIVE-AB is also looking at surveillance systems, antibiotic prescription databases, and published literature to inform estimations of the present burden of antibiotic resistance from both clinical and economic perspectives across varying socioeconomic backdrops. Simulation models informed by these data as well as data from past and ongoing epidemics will estimate future public health needs and impact related to antibacterial resistance, again in diverse socioeconomic settings.

Together these constructs will allow for valuation models that will estimate the true value of new and existing antibiotics from the perspectives of patients, physicians, payers, and society as a whole. These, in turn, will inform the creation of alternative economic strategies and reward models that will promote and sustain the development of new antibiotics while simultaneously bolstering appropriate consumption of existing antibiotics. The most promising schemes will be presented to policymakers and other stakeholders with attendant implementation and risk-management strategies.

For more information about the project, access the DRIVE-AB Info Package here.