Implementation of EUCAST disk diffusion method

The following documents are designed to give both practical and educational help to laboratories implementing the EUCAST disc diffusion method.

Difference between BSAC and EUCAST methods:This document includes a systematic review of the differences between BSAC & EUCAST disk diffusion methodology. A full list of consumable differences in included; helping laboratories to order prior to implementation.

Implementation of EUCAST disk diffusion: This document is a slide show to help with implementation of the EUCAST disk diffusion method

Checklist for implementation (V1): This document provides a checklist for use prior to implementation

Compliance of manufacturers : This document lists the manufacturers of susceptibility testing consumables which comply with EUCAST guidelines

Rationale behind the decision to transfer to EUCAST susceptibility testing: This paper is published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.  It sets out the reasoning behind transition of susceptibility testing from BSAC to EUCAST disk diffusion method.

Buddying scheme: Sometimes it is helpful to visit a laboratory already using the EUCAST method.  We have a list of laboratories willing to help. To arrange a visit near you please contact

Giotto template program: template for interpreting disk diffusion zones

ISO 15189 verification of EUCAST disk diffusion method: This document is a checklist for ISO15189 standard verification whilst implementing the EUCAST disk diffusion methodology.

Quality control information: This document contains relevant information to help diagnose problems with quality control data

QC disk data tracker: This Excel document allows you to track your QC disk diameter data, included is a help file

Help regarding implementation can be found at/by: