Into clinical practice:

Meeting the challenges of Gram-negative infection management

14 October 2020

Royal college of Physicians, London

Welcome to this exciting one day conference which will explore the current challenges and treatment opportunities for Gram-negative infections. Delegates will, through plenary lectures, learn about resistance mechanisms, clinical presentations of Gram-negatives, the latest in research and development and hear about frontier and upcoming treatments.

Clinical lessons will give delegates the opportunity to hear about, share and explore real world experiences, and look at the effective application of the latest evidence based guidelines.

This conference is CPD accredited


We aim to deliver an innovative conference while also adhering to social distancing guidelines and health and safety requirements. To ensure we can deliver this conference safely, in person delegate registrations will be limited and we are offering webinar registrations as an alternative. Details regarding registration and abstract submission can be found below.


Registration and refreshments
Opening remarks
Professor Philip Howard OBE - View Bio

SESSION ONE: The Landscape
Lab diagnostics for Gram-negative infections
Epidemiology and challenge of MDR Gram-negative in the post COVID-19 era
Resistance mechanisms
Professor David Livermore - View Bio

Refreshments and posters

Lessons learnt from pseudo-outbreaks of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia on an Intensive Care Unit
Acinetobacter and AMR
Dr David Wareham - View Bio
Pseudomonas - transmission and AMR in the context of cystic fibrosis chronic lung infections

Lunch & posters

SESSION THREE: The Infections
Complicated urinary tract infections - a wee problem
Dr Annie Joseph - View Bio
Intra-abdominal sepsis
Professor Mark Wilcox - View Bio
Dr Sunny Kaul - View Bio

Shionogi symposium
Diagnostic preparedness for MDR Gram-negative infections - lessons from COVID-19
Reimbursement models

Closing remarks
Professor Philip Howard OBE - View Bio


We encourage you to register, submit abstracts and join us in what promises to be another innovative and exciting conference.

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Standard - Member  £120

Standard – non-member  £160

Pharmacist/Nurse (member)  £80

Pharmacist/Nurse (non-member)  £100

Trainee (member)  £60

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Student (member)  £40

Student (non-member)  £60

Commercial  £400

Webinar registration only  £40

Posters & abstracts

Abstracts for oral presentation must be submitted by 14 August 2020 and abstracts to be considered for poster presentation must be submitted by 18 September 2020.

Please download the submission information here and send to Esme Carruthers at

We are changing the way we present posters at our meetings, please see details below and for further information regarding the poster display instructions please contact:


BSAC is committed to bringing you an innovative opportunity to present your work at a forthcoming BSAC meeting.

Recent findings have found that traditional posters aren't being utilised to their maximum potential. They are often too word-heavy, are challenging to interpret and delegates are unable to, at a glance, take in the pertinent facts.

Because of this, BSAC has decided to try the following poster display method to allow presenters the very best platform to present their work. The technique is very prescriptive, but we believe that you will see the benefits of this by increased delegate interaction, understanding and ultimately, greater exposure to your colleagues and peers.

We ask that you take a few minutes just to read the following step by step guide in producing your poster for a better understanding of the rationale and processes in place.

Here is a Youtube video that inspired the change:

Step 1

We ask you to categorise your poster into one of the four categories below. Once you have done this, we ask that you use the correct coloured template to assist delegates to see at a glance what category your poster is in:

Step 2

Please see below a template for a poster that would be used to present work on a ‘study’ that has taken place.

Step 3

Main finding

This main finding isn’t the title of the poster, but the core take away message, e.g.
“AMR is the single most important factor in antibiotic use today.”

If your punchline is more than two lines, DON’T CENTRE IT.
Centring makes your eyes work harder. We want this to catch delegates eyes and get your message across instantly as they walk by.

No other information is to be displayed in this section.

The left ammo bar is your silent presenter bar, so here you can put the title of the poster, presenters/authors.
So this can follow your typical pattern of posters: intro, methods, results, discussion points.
Please note you are limited in space and so you must be very discerning in what goes in here.

You are NOT to change the size of the ammo bar, the information you put in MUST fit into the space that is provided.

This right ammo bar is for you; we ask that you imagine that you are standing next to your poster and are answering questions about your work. This section is for your notes, predictors and tables, anything that you would need to explain your work to a delegate.

You are NOT to change the size of the ammo bar, the information you put in MUST fit into the space that is provided.

Step 4

On completion of template, please email it to the organisers along with supporting data/information (contact details below) and the template will be checked at this point.

We will link your supporting information to the QR code that is in the bottom of the template. Anybody requiring further details about your work can simply scan the code and they will then be able to download, view, listen or even watch your further information.

Possible types of supporting information:

Powerpoint presentations
Word documents
Pdf documents
Link to a website
Youtube video
A traditional poster pdf

….. But remember we can accept any multi-media format without you having the worry of trying to cram it all within the confines of an A0 size poster!

Step 5

Upon acceptance of your poster and receipt of your follow up data we will print your poster to A0 size and ensure that it is displayed from conference opening until close.

All poster authors need to register for the conference but you won’t have to worry anymore about printing and transporting your poster as this service will be provided free of charge by BSAC.

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