Education Grants

The Education Fund is designated for research projects and initiatives of benefit to the field of antimicrobial chemotherapy as follows:

  • Innovative developments aimed at improving any aspect of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the UK (including development of novel teaching programmes, web-based educational tools, etc).
  • The development/delivery of initiatives that promote awareness and increase public understanding about antibiotics and antibiotic usage (including pilot initiatives).
  • Development and assessment of educational interventions that aim to
    • Reduce inappropriate / increase appropriate prescribing of antimicrobial agents
    • Create, stimulate, improve multidisciplinary learning opportunities for those responsible for management and use of antimicrobial agents
    • Improve understanding and attitudes amongst health professionals and/or public toward antibiotic usage
  • BSAC invites applications for Education grants on a worldwide basis

Applications up to a maximum of £50,000 are invited of up to 1 year duration. Applications must include an assessment of the likely impact of the project that is proposed.

Applicants must complete the application form* on this page. The application form must not be altered in any way.

Applications must be submitted as a single document, with pages set in the following order:

  • The completed application form
  • Additional information as detailed in the application form (in order as follows)
    • Abstract
    • Background
    • Hypotheses to be investigated
    • Aims of proposed research project
    • Plan of investigation
    • GANNT chart / timetable for proposed research
    • Justification for applying to the BSAC
    • Costs, with justification for costs
    • References (no more than 15 in total)
    • CVs for all principal investigators (including a clear statement of track record in this area and details of the most recent 10 publications)
  • A signed copy of the BSAC Terms and Conditions form (applicants are advised to read all Terms and Conditions before making an application)
  • Both documents must be submitted via the BSAC online submission system.

The Terms and Conditions for all BSAC Grants and Scholarships are published on this BSAC website.  The applicant and host institute is required to read the terms and conditions before completing any application form. Applicants are required to submit a signed copy of the BSAC Terms and Conditions form, submitting this with their application form.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 28 November 2017, at 23:59 GMT.

AWARD DATE: By the 31 May 2018.

Final reports must be submitted by principal applicants to BSAC. Please use the Report Form at the top of this page. If you have completed any report(s) relating to this grant to your Institute, this can be included along with the completed report form. All reports should be sent via email to:

Reports should include the following information based on your project:

  • A summary of the aims and objectives of the project:
    • broad findings or conclusions (maximum 2x A4 pages)
  • Any publications arising from the project:
    • a list of any publications arising from the research carried out
    • include details of any articles which have been accepted, or are planned for publication within the next 24 months as a result of this award (please provide any definite or provisional publication dates)
  • Any other outputs arising from the project:
    • give details of any other way in which the results of the research has been or will be disseminated i.e. oral and / or poster presentations at conferences
    • give details if the research has led to any additional funding from alternative funding bodies, or if you plan to seek additional funding in the future as a result of BSAC funding received (please provide details of the funding scheme / organisation etc.)
    • give details if any new research tools or methods have been developed, or if you plan to develop any new research tools or methods in the future as a result of BSAC funding received (please provide details of the tool / method with a brief description about this)
    • give details if any commercialisation of IP arising is anticipated as a result of BSAC funding received, either now or in the future
  • A brief evaluation of the strengths and weakness of the research
  • A summary of the actual costs compared to the estimated expenditure in your submitted grant application
  • Any remaining funds in hand must either be returned to the Society immediately or if you wish to continue to draw on these funds for a limited period after the end of the award (no cost extension applies), you should write with details of when and how the money will be used.

All correspondence, including submission of the final reports, should be sent to The BSAC Grants Secretary at:

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