The Urgent Need

BSAC initiative on regenerating antibacterial drug discovery & redefining the model for antibacterial drug development
Wednesday 22 September 2010
Wellcome Conference Centre, Euston Road, London

The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy established the Urgent Need Initiative to examine opportunities for and barriers to the regenerations of antibacterial drug discovery and development.

The initiative:
A Identified barriers prohibiting participation in antibacterial drug discovery researchand consider how to re-stimulate interest in through public / private partnership initiatives.

B Examined regulatory barriers to and opportunities for bringing antibacterials to marketand propose new model(s) for the development of new antibacterial agents.

C Identifed how to raise awareness of the urgent need to restimulate interest and activity in the area of antibacterial drug discovery and to increase the chance of success of bringing agents to market.

We have held a series of expert evidence days on research, regulatory issues and pricing and economics, with input from experts in these fields from the UK, Europe and USA. The outputs will be a series of expert reports which will be presented to stakeholders at the above event, where views will be sought and issues further debated.

To view the full programme click here The Urgent Need Programme 22 September 2010

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