Lessons to be learnt from Pharma about discovery and development of new antibacterial drugs – report now available

The recent Antibiotic Action, Medical Research Council, The Wellcome Trust and BBSRC collaboration saw fifty invited international experts from academia, science, medicine and industry consider what lessons can be learnt from the pharmaceutical industry to aid the discovery and development of new antibacterial agents.  In a ground breaking event, held on the same day that the UK called for international action on antimicrobial resistance speakers examined issues such as why interesting antibiotic molecules were not developed in the 12 panel drug test to difficulties in developing antibiotic drugs for Gram negative infections.

The published report of the meeting can be accessed here:  Lessons to be learnt from Pharma about discovery and development of new antibacterial drugs documents the issues

On release of the published report, Professor Laura Piddock, Director of Antibiotic Action said “We need to be inventive and innovative in addressing a problem of this magnitude.  The solutions are complex but achievable if we can learn from what has gone before.  We must identify ways for the http://bodybrainmedicine.com/mind-body-connection/ to work together in precompetitive space or under open innovation principles and also move quickly to more ambitious solutions, such as entirely public sector-led initiatives.”  She continued “One thing is clear – we cannot stand still”. Her words resonate loudly with The Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council and BBSRC, all of whom supported the meeting.

The full proceedings of the event  held 21 May at the Wellcome Trust, London, were recorded and a podcast of the full proceedings will be published here for wider benefit in the near future.